Wednesday, October 30, 2013

RangeLog... NOT just for competitive shooters !!

      One of the best tools I use to achieve success in the shooting sports is a logbook. The use of a logbook will allow you to track your progress and performance on drills. Recording such times like draws, reloads, and transitions are crucial elements of competitive shooting.
     However, there are more professionals out there that use a gun as a part of their job. Accuracy and speed become even more important in those fields. Not only does their life depend on performance, yours could as well. So we want our Military, Law Enforcement, and Security professionals to have the highest level of shooting skills on the planet. 
     RangeLog can give you just that. RangeLog is used by shooters all over the world who track their live and dry fire usage.  The site provides a safe and easy method for storing personal Shot Log details, scoring, shooting drills, and your favorite ranges.  Choose to keep data private, or share with your approved friends. 
     I had the chance to speak with Andrew Hill, co-founder of RangeLog LLC, about how RangeLog could be used by Military, Law Enforcement, and Security professionals from all over the world. This is what he had to say:

Q: How could rangelog benefit a military service member, police officer, or security professional?
A: Many security professionals are required to keep track of their live fire data for insurance/liability purposes.  Repairs and maintenance performed on issued firearms can also be tracked, allowing you to quicly identify when it’s time for your next firearm inspection.
     In addition, these professionals use the system to help prepare for upcoming qualifications, by entering the scenario into the drill library and then posting scores each time they run that particular course of fire, our members have the ability to track overall performance as well as details related to which firearms, ammo and other factors might have impacted their scores.

Q: What does having access to Rangelog give them?
A: 100% Spam free service that doesn’t resell or rent out their member’s personally identifiable data.
     Free members have the ability to use the shooting range and course of fire public directories.  They can also reference up to 5 different firearm models when adding log book details for dry fire, live fire, and maintenance performed. 
     RangeLog Premium membership costs $29.99 per year.  Premium members have access to track and report against firearms inventory, ammo reloading/batch details, chronograph sessions, firearms maintenance, live & dry fire training, sports scores for more than 10 organized shooting sports and more.

Q: What is the cost to military service member, police officer, or security professional?
A: Active duty military can register for Premium membership, free of charge, by using a verifiable .MIL email address.  Veterans can register using the promotional code “iserved” to receive a 50% discount off the $29.99 annual plan.  We do not currently have a way to verify security and LEO professionals without requiring personally identifiable data, but are working on alternative ways to better address those who serve to protect our communities.

Q: What benefits are available on the mobile app?
A: The mobile application allows you to log the activity as it happens, regardless of your internet connection.  Log book details can be saved to the phone, and then when the member has a solid internet connection data is syncd with the RangeLog service.
I hope this post has been helpful and we can all benefit from the use of programs like this. If you have any further questions, please contact me at 

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