Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UM3 Mount Review

Red Dot Optics on pistols have begun to over take the way we shoot handguns. Seems like all the major gun companies are producing handguns with the slide cut to support a RMR or Deltapoint optic. You may remember an article I wrote a while back "Red Dot or Not" where I talked about what I felt are advantages and disadvantages of optics on handguns. The UM3 made by UM Tactical might give you even more of an advantage ??

Recently I had the opportunity to review the new UM3 Red Dot Optic. What is so unique about this mount is that it will work with just about any pistol with a 1913 pica tinny rail. That's right, all you need is a rail and you can mount an optic. There are no tools needed or special adapters to attach the UM3 to your handgun. Simply slide the device onto the rail, when you attach your Red Dot of choice, that secures it to the gun. Now what about a holster? They have designed the holster to fit the mount, not the gun. That's important because it doesn't matter what gun you run, the holster will support it. So you do not have to buy a bunch of different holsters if you have several guns you want to run the mount on, one mount one holster.
UM3 Mount, Notice the RE Factor Tactical Operator Band

What does a Red Dot Optic do for us over iron sights? Well, it makes for one point of alignment and gives you a better visual aiming device, plus it just looks cool !! This gives us faster more accurate first shots,  faster follow on shots, improves accuracy at distance, and enhances shooting under night operations. However, one of the biggest advantages with the UM3, is that it allows for the use of Night Vision Goggles (NVG's) with your handgun. Complete advantage!!

What I really like about the UM3 is that it gives you options. You can choose to have it attached or not. Your not committed to running the optic all the time as if it was attached to the slide. Another advantage to this product is that the optic sits up high enough, that if the optic malfunctions or breaks, simply look under the rail and use your iron sights. Or if you have the time, you can just remove the UM3 mount and go back to normal iron sights. Again options !!

If you should decide to remove your UM3 from your gun, have no fear. Once the optic is zeroed, then you can take it off and on as much as you want and it will not loose zero. I recommend zeroing at 25 yards because a pistol shoots so flat. That should give you point of aim point of impact from 25 to 50 yards. As you go out further than the bullet will begin to drop off. As you get closer, the bullet will start to hit low because of the distance from the muzzle to the sight. The bottom (2) pictures show the groups I shot at 50 yards freestyle standing. Picture (1) shows the group after I zeroed the sight at 25 yards. Picture (2) shows the group shot after the mount was taken off thrown in my bag, dropped, thrown in the car a couple of times and remounted back on the gun.

Standing Freestyle 50 yards
Standing Freestyle 50 yards

I believe there is a distinct advantage in having the Optic mounted over the slide and not on it. When the gun is fired, it's important to try to track the dot during recoil. This helps with accurate/fast follow up shots. When the optic is mounted to the slide, during recoil the muzzle goes up and the rear of the slide go down. Making it harder to track the dot. Having the optic mounted separate of the slide allows for less movement during recoil. Giving you faster more accurate follow on  shots. Just look at all the top shooters in USPSA that shoot "Open Division." They have the optic mounted above the slide for these reasons plus a couple more. 

With all these Pro's, you are asking yourself, so what are the cons?? The biggest problem I found with the UM3, was getting use to my natural index point on presentation. But this is nothing more than a training issue. I would suggest that dry fire and live fire training be conducted on a regular basis until you find your index. Other than that, the UM3 is a solid piece of gear to put in your bag. You can find the UM3 by going to UM Tactical's website.

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