Mental Management Systems

In many of my competition courses I talk about "staying mentally strong." Mental Management Systems showed me how to do that. Many instructors have included parts of this system in their instruction and/or books. Here is the link to get the information straight from the horses mouth. 

Dry Fire Drills

Check out Predator Tactical for dry fire drills. They have a variety of different drills to do and they also include a shot clock. Try not to get bored with dry fire by changing the drills and only doing them for a short period of time. Ten minutes a day will make a difference.

5.11 Tactical Select Store

Ray Parker with 5.11 Tactical Select Store Va. Beach Virginia, has been gracious enough to sponsor Team ITI for the 2013 shooting season. He supports all Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Professionals working CONUS and OCONUS operations. If you need 5.11 gear, hit him up !!

Dan Burwell Gunsmithing

I can't say enough about the trigger work that Dan Burwell has done on my M&P Pro9. He has taken all the "slack" out of the trigger and made it more like a 1911. This helps me to be more accurate in my shots as well as made my splits faster. 

Atlanta Arms and Ammo

I trust Atlanta Arms and Ammo to make the ammunition I shoot at competitive matches. Currently, I use a 147 grain 9x19 (Black Box) in my Smith and Wesson M&P and a 210 grain .45 ACP (Blue Box) in my Springfield 1911. To date, I have not had a malfunction caused by ammunition in a match. I find this crucial when seconds and points count.

Safariland Holsters

I find that the ELS System best suites my needs for Professional Instruction, USPSA, and 3-Gun for a number of reasons.                      
        1. I can shoot all my weapon systems using one belt system.
        2. It looks professional
        3. Lightweight and Comfortable                                                                                                                 

Warren Tactical 

I use Warren Sights on all my competition guns. I feel they give me a better sight picture than any other sight I have used. Having a red fiber front sight, gives me the ability to have different sight pictures at varying distances.

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