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As most of you may know, for the last 5 years I have run a Smith and Wesson M&P Pro 9 in competition. However, before I found the M&P, I ran a Glock for years and still do. I like how simple the gun is to shoot, but to me the trigger needed some work. I tried everything to improve my Glock 17 trigger. I started with the 3.5 connector, then moved to a lighten striker assembly and rounded plunger. It still wasn't what I was looking for. It wasn't until I tried a trigger assembly from that I had finally found what I was looking.

Jeff Wilson, Owner of, caught up with me at the 2013 IDPA Nationals and told me a little about his line of triggers for Glock pistols. I had heard good things about them, because my good friend Robert Vogel has a trigger made from Jeff, Vogel Competition Trigger System. First off, all triggers made from are made from OEM factory parts. That becomes important because of the reliability of OEM parts, so if anything breaks, you can replace it with common parts. There are no parts that would require a special ordered item. Secondly, Jeff takes the time ensure all his triggers meet his expectation of quality. When the owner still cares that much about his product, that means something in my book. I asked him "why"? Why put all that effort into it? He simply said, "because people's lives depend on the performance of my equipment!" "

In today's world, "quality" doesn't seem to mean the same as it did in years past. Everyone is doing things cheaper and faster just to get product out the door. However, Jeff goes above and beyond to insure that "quality" is above all else. If you have to wait to get your trigger system, it's more than worth it.

So what's so special about's trigger systems? How can I benefit from them? How do they differ from other Glock style insert triggers you ask? Well I have been working with the "Skimmer" trigger since September of 2013 and I have really put it to the test. I measured accuracy, durability, shoot ability, and reliability. 

Let me start with how easy it was to install. Now, you have to know, I am a Glock certified armor but the guys who know my work on guns know that I'm much more of the Driver and not a Mechanic. However, this is really the easiest install I've ever done. Simply remove the entire trigger group and drop in the new one, that's it. The "Skimmer" trigger is an adjusted trigger with the pre-travel already taken out. I'll speak more about that in a little bit. But I mention it now, because with some of the other trigger groups on the market you have to adjust the trigger where you want the pre-travel to be. That means you adjust, install, and test. If it's not right, you must un-install, adjust, reinstall, and test. This becomes a bit of a chore until you get the trigger the way you want it. Now the biggest advantage I see in the "Skimmer" trigger is what I mentioned before, the pre-travel is already taken out and the reset is almost immediate. Why is this important? Well, who doesn't love a 1911? Most like the grip angle and feel, but above all the trigger. I can't tell you how many times people tell me, "I shoot my 1911 so well, I don't know why I'm having so much trouble shooting this gun?" Well it has been my experience that a shorter, lighter trigger pull will increase accuracy and speed. One of the big keys to proper trigger control is "prepping" the trigger or taking the "slack" up before you send the round down range. With the "Skimmer," all that's done for you. Jeff has found that magic spot where the trigger is set back far enough that the safety still engages but the movement is minimized. 

Over the last six months of working with the system, my accuracy has increased, split times have gotten faster, and the gun has run flawlessly. No longer do I worry about making the 50 yard head plate run with my Glock. 

Under stress, we find that fine motor skills such as using the slide stop as a slide release, magazine releases, and trigger manipulations become difficult. As our heart rate increases, our body pulls blood from the extremities and brings it to our core. From this we start to loose manual dexterity in our fingers. I say all that to say, trigger control is one of the biggest things that people loose sight of under stress. They begin to slap or pull on the trigger very aggressively . With all of the slack taken out of the "Skimmer" trigger, this will help increase accuracy when you begin to drive the gun harder under those stressful engagements.

As demonstrated in the video, in comparison to a factory trigger from Glock, the "Skimmer" has a much shorter pull and a lot cleaner break. 

So if your in the market for a no BS drop in trigger, look no further than Your getting top quality equipment, for a great price. 

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