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Barnes Precision Machine - Ultralite Rail Install

I recently had the opportunity to work with Barnes Precision Machine, Andrew Barnes (Owner) sent me one of the new Ultralite Extreme Rail System to test out and I have to say it is one of the most robust, user friendly, and easy to install rail systems I have worked with read more

Safariland's new line of "Range Series"equipment

Bobby McGee of Safariland has developed a new line of range gear for 2013. The "Range Series" belt is designed for the range professional in mind. The core of the belt is a high quality Safarilaminate material, the same type of material used in their Duty Holsters. This gives the belt its rigidity, the liner is a non-slip material which aids in keeping your gear from sliding on the belt. Industry strength velcro and a keeper snap in the front will keep the belt from coming apart read more

New Warren Tactical Bomar cut sights...

I just received a set of the new Bomar cut rear sight made by Warren Tactical. I currently use the same signature "Warren" rear sight and red fiber front on my Glock 17 and M&P Pro9, so it was a smooth transition for my STI Eagle. 

These sights have help to bring me to the next level of shooting. I really like to amount of space in the rear sight that this cut gives you. It allows for faster sight picture and for you to see more of the target through the sights. Like all the other sights made by Warren Tactical, they still hold the same accuracy needed for excellent shot placement. 

Standard Target Style Sight

New Warren Tactical Sight

Look for these sights to hit the market in February 2013 !!!

Warren Tactical paper targets.... 

Scott Warren of Warren Tactical has developed a new line of paper overlays. These targets are designed to be pasted over an existing IDPA or IPSC cardboard target. This type of design really helps with making your existing cardboard targets last much longer and at $.30 a target, you can make your money go a long way.

I am always looking to get faster and more accurate. So his new targets with a smaller hit zone inside, allow me to refine my accuracy and drive for faster times. A selection of Warren Tactical targets can be found here...

Let me know how you use these targets and if they help your game...

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