Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Draw/Reload - Drill

Here is a drill to try. However, please be SAFE when practicing this drill. You can easily have a accidental discharge or worse shoot yourself in the leg. Practice this dry to build your confidence…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!


The purpose of this drill is to practice complex motor functions as fast as you can. Can you process what needs to be done and execute all aspects of the drill perfect? The hits on target are not as important with this drill. You have to push yourself and see just how fast you can go. So when it's time to make the hits count… Your Ready !!!


Distance: 3 - 5 yards

Start Position: Standing, facing the target, arms relaxed by your side.

Procedure: Draw the gun from the holster, fire one (1) round, perform a slide lock reload and fire one (1) round.


You should start to see your draw time and reload time come down. Both manipulations (draw/reload) should be close to the same time. If your draw is twice is fast as your reload, then its time to practice your reloads and not so many draws!!

GOOD LUCK, and be SAFE!!

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