Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TacRack™ available to G43 and XDS

I have now added 2 new models of TacRack™ to my website, the much anticipated Glock 43 and Springfield XDS. These pieces sell for $29.99 and usually ship out the next day.

How could TacRack™help you?

TacRack™ extends out from the slide to give you a better grip during loading or clearing malfunctions. With the smaller guns becoming more popular, they are usually harder to pull the slide back. This is from the recoil spring still needing to be strong enough to load the next round and put the slide in battery. So smaller guns feel like it takes more to rack the slide.

TacRack™ also helps with one handed reloads and fixing malfunctions. Its not to often that we should have to use a one handed reload, but you need to be prepared for it if it ever happened. TacRack™ allows you to use the wings of the device instead of having to risk using your sights. If you damage your sights, it makes it that much harder to get hits on threat.

Glock 43
Springfield XDS

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